A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

Wiedersehen Berlin

We will be leaving very early tomorrow morning for Krakow, Poland. I feel we haven’t seen very many sites nor have we warmed to Germans, but we did visit Museum island finding treasures like the very old bust of Nefertiti, the Golden Hat, the Ishtar Gate as well as the Market Gate of Miletus. I wish we would have gone further and visited markets (most are only opened on Sundays) or gone to the Potsdam, but all in all the kids are happy because there was a pool they could use free of charge in the hostel, and the fact that we could easily walk uncrowded on large boulevards (compared to the very crowded tiny streets of Paris).

Justin and Karl Marx on Karl-Marx-Allee

Through the crowd of stern looking people, we did find a few who had a smile for us as well as a kind word, but unlike all other countries we visited, we were not able to share part of our lives with locals. This being said, Justin did meet a future collaborator for his site this afternoon, who was remarkably friendly and forthcoming. Maybe with time, we would have been able to set aside our notions of super-efficiency and allow ourselves to understand the German psyche.  Something for another trip…

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