A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

Last Holiday Weekend in London

IMG_0280It is when you don’t have any specific itinerary or destination that you find beautiful corners of the city that often go overlooked by tourists, especially those who run from one big attraction to another. This is part of the reason why Justin and I always allow a few extra days when (re)visiting a foreign city.

This weekend, we made our way to Hyde Park, the ‘Central Park’ of London, to stroll through the many paths simply observing people, stopping to read on park benches, observing the sun pass through the mature trees, and enjoying the warm weather.



While we were walking, others were running a 10k, or cycling around on rentals (Santander bikes are everywhere and seem to be used by many Londonians), or even leisurely rowing and peddling on the Serpentine.

Coming out of Hyde Park, we got a little lost – for those who know us, this is no surprise; funny how we have traveled throughout the world, but still have a very bad sense of direction. As a side note, we found a ‘shortcut’ from our lodgings to our tube stop 7 days after arriving in London even if we walked that route twice a day, everyday! Oh well…


We finally made it to Tower Bridge so we could cross it by foot; something we had never done, and which was thrilling. It may not be the London Bridge, but it certainly is one of the most recognized landmark of the city.

And finally today, our last day in beautiful London, we chose to go back to Regent Street to participate in the Summer Street Event where the road is closed to motorized vehicles and live music pops up every corner of so. Today, Magnum bars were being distributed to each and all. We got one at the booth offering double chocolate, caramel or peanut butter, but there were also bigger booths where the ice cream bars were being dipped individually according to personal taste.

We walked, we ate, we shopped, we read, we took in the city one last time while imagining what it would be to live as a Londonian…. Maybe one day. Then again, we say this of every city we visit… or almost!

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