A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

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So I’ll start with saying that although we were glad to be in Manhattan, three of us had caught a terrible cold virus and were suffering inwardly (some more than others). Fortunately, the one who was celebrating his birthday was free of this virus and therefore truly enjoying every moment. There is something to say about breastfeeding here as he is the only one out of all of us who has received  maternal milk for the full first year of his life (vs only a few weeks or less for the rest of us), but I digress.

Sunday was shop day. We had birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and just-because gifts to purchase and I had to use my Macy’s card; it was Fall-Rewards after all! We first made our way to the beautiful Khiel’s flagship store for a few only-in-the-US products. I must admit I always wonder if it has to do with our stricter FDA laws (which I quite appreciate, don’t get me wrong); and if so, hmmmm is all I’m going to say. In any case, I bought four Eucalyptus lip treatment which I adore. It should last me the year…

After Khiel’s, we jumped in a uptown train to Broadway to fight the crowds in Macy’s. We found all sorts of gifts and a  really nice pair of winter boots that fit two of us. Having a teenage daughter does have up-sides (well, sometimes :)). Because we were not crowd exhausted yet, we pushed forward to M&M and the Swatch store in Times Square. And what is a New York trip without a stop (or two) at Midtown Comics?

As our birthday boy wanted to see The Martian movie (happy birthday wishes son), we ferried over to Staten Island and made our way to one of the many movie theater establishments. The movie was quite good; we all gave it a five-star! Go see it, you won’t be disappointed.

Part 3 to come soon.


Sometimes they are friends 🙂


It’s just our second Fall trip to Manhattan, but I am now making it a yearly family event! Every time we visit NYC, we get to see another part of the city, we try an old or trendy restaurant, we hunt for sights and we get lost but we always find a subway entrance and make our way back to our original plans.

This time, instead of flying, we drove to New York. The 7-hour ride went by fast enough (ok, I may have slept for a couple of hours, three at the most!), and here we were in Staten Island. A first for us, which proved a gem regarding the free ferry to Manhattan with amazing views of the lower city and Statue of Liberty, especially when ferrying back past dusk.  The hotel wasn’t great, but you can’t expect too much when you choose Holiday Inn.

Old  bones

Old Bones from the Natural History Museum

We started our weekend with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. Through all our trips to New York City, we had yet to visit this museum.

Well, it lived up to our expectation, receiving a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor. We had so much fun perusing room after room, finding the characters from Night at the Museum a little everywhere, and exiting from the main grand staircase.

Unfortunately, we were already a bit tired by the time we made our way to the streets. But determined to get as much as possible from the city on that beautiful sunny Saturday, we grabbed some excellent street food and entered Central Park in search of Strawberry Fields so we could give our respects to John Lennon’s Imagine memorial, then cross to the East side.

I wish we would have had more time to stroll around Central Park. It’s my little regret for this trip, but I know we will be back to Manhattan  soon enough, and I will be sure to bring my running shoes for a day of speed walking through the park.


Friends apartment


On Fifth Avenue, we stopped at the Apple Store for a quick perusing, then at Henri Bendel as a treat for me. A hop, a skip and a jump later, we found ourselves in front of what we are told is the Friends apartment building, or the outside view anyway since the show was actually filmed in studios. I have to admit we weren’t sure about the location, but since a tour group stopped to take pictures, we figured we were in the right place. What was sad was the group of people all seemed to be in their 40s (I guess we are there also… Arg!!!).


And then, although we had hoped to visit much more of the city on Saturday, we made our way back to the ferry. Happy but a bit disappointed, we looked at our fitness stats for the day and discovered we had walked a good 20 kilometers and climbed the equivalent of 28 flights of stairs. So all in all, we may not have hit all the spots and restaurants we were hoping for, but we certainly burned our fair share of calories while enjoying the outdoors.

Stay tuned for part 2 of 3 coming shortly.