A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

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As per my last post, I wanted to share with you my latest reads and (yikes!!) make-up trends I caught up with this summer. As many of you know, I am nowhere near a make-up guru, but I do love to try novelty items, and I am forever in search of the best samples.

So first, I’ll start with my second great love, books. While on vacation, I mentioned how I got completely sucked in by podcasts. When traveling by car on long distances, I am used to listening to books since reading for any length of time can easily turn my stomach. This time, I tried podcasts (as mentioned previously on my blog), and I loved it! Some I listened only for a few minutes before being bored, but others, like Serial and Undisclosed, I just could not stop listening, bringing my earphones wherever we went (even being chastised by my husband for turning on the podcast in restaurants!). Apart from podcasts, I read The House I Grew Up In from Lisa Jewell (my first from her) to which I give 3.5 stars; the latest Sophie Kinsella Finding Audrey, a fun 4 stars; Jodi Picoult’s novella Larger than Life which can be a read by itself, but as a great prelude or postscript (like in my case) to Leaving Time (I give it a 5 stars like most Picoult novels). I am now reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Summer is such a great time for light reads that warm your heart. I’m not sure these reads all warmed my heart, but they sure were fun and light.

Apart from reading and listening to endless hours of podcasts, I also tapped in the Lisa Eldridge’s video blogs. Lisa is a professional make-up artist from England who works with celebrities in the beauty and fashion industry. Like podcasts, once you start listening to one, you are hooked and every video is worth looking into. What respectable woman would not want to learn about covering spots, minimizing puffiness, getting flawless complexion and the perfect everyday eye look? After buying and trying many new brands, and loading my bathroom drawer with dozens of specialized brushes, I finally decided to book a full-facial at Sephora which is free of charge because of my VIB Rouge status; which in-and-of-itself is a terrible thing (why o’ why do I spend so much on make-up?? I do also buy for my teenage daughter, but … I think I may have a problem!!). Anywho (like my first manager used to love saying), let’s move on. So Lorraine at Sephora did a great job without overdoing it which is one of my greatest pet peeves. She used many of the products I already owned, and I learned some great tricks like the under-upper-lid-black-waterproof line that opens up your eyes without having to line them over the lid… gorgeous! I have also switched brands so that I am now buying almost exclusively from ones that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Nars is in that category! (See full list below provided by my wonderful, very conscientious daughter)


On Monday, I will transform myself once more in my professional self. I think it’s time, and I sure look forward to what lies ahead. I won’t say more at this time, but I accept change with all the necessary flexibility it requires.

I send my warmest thoughts to those who need it, and I wish you all a great summer’s end.

We have been back in Ottawa since the 21st! I have unfortunately been lacking in updating our whereabouts this past week.  I was set to write a long post on our trip back, but as a good friend tells me all the  time, life gets in the way, and well, we are now Friday.

So a small recap: the day following our Peggy’s Cove exploration, we started heading back west. We spent a night in Edmundston at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. The comfort of the beds at Four Points never cease to amaze me. With all the  traveling I have done, as well as recruitment trips around the world, the best nights’ sleep have always been in a Four Points bed. I am told we can buy these mattresses, and I must say I am tempted. We were also able to put in a good gym session with excellent equipment, so we left the next morning rested and ready for new adventures.

The adventures that awaited us was a simple two-day stay in Montreal, but we just love this city. We checked in a hotel in Brossard (Hotel Brossard, a new, very modern structure worth a 5-star review in TripAdvisor) and  parked close to Place Ville-Marie in Montreal. From there, we walked all about the city going shopping on Ste-Catherines street and even making our way to old Montreal, stopping to admire the Notre-Dame Basilica. Again, we were fortunate weather-wise, the sun shining on our heads all day with a light breeze making the warm weather very tolerable.

The only time the weather was not on our side was the day we left Montreal. We had planned to visit the Ecomuseum Zoo, but as the one and only outdoor zoo on the island of Montreal, we figured the animals we not likely to come out of their enclosure in a torrential downpour. We therefore bypassed the zoo, stopped for flowers at Pointe Claire shopping center (the florist is almost as good as Paper Papier Fleurissant on Clarence… I say almost…). I just can’t resist a fancy bouquet!

Upon our return back home, regular life caught up with us, and we have spent these last few days doing laundry, going to the dealership, mowing the lawn, weeding, doing a bit of work here and there. I could not have asked for a better family holiday however. I am very glad we chose the Maritimes this year. We are planning a European expedition next year (or even possibly for the Christmas break… crossing my fingers :)).

Next week, I will write another post of the books I have read while away and the new products I have found, so stay tuned.