A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

A Sunday Afternoon in the ByWard Market (Ottawa)

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Life is full of wonder here, and I wish I could share all our experiences with you, but unfortunately, the internet connection is lacking; not really more so than in other Southeast asian countries, but lacking nonetheless and since we are rarely in WiFi supported cafes, updates will unfortunately be few and far between compared to my regular post schedule. And unfortunately, same is true for pics although I seem to be able to download them more easily than accessing this site.

In Bali, I am torn between wanting to lounge in my pjs all day reading in our outdoor kitchen surrounded by nature, and going out to explore the island. A couple of days ago we went to the beach, southeast of Ubud, to fly Cedric’s kites (the one he made as a school project and the dragon we bought in the market). We flew the kites, bathed in a seaside pool, did a bit of homework, got massages and read our books. It was a beautiful, relaxing day (albeit a bit too hot).

Then yesterday evening, we went to see a traditional Balinese Kecak Fire dance. We all sat in stunned silence while dozens of men hummed and swayed in circles around the fire of life (a wood structure lit up by a dozen oil lamps), an ancient tale unfolding before us.

Today, I chose to stay behind while the boys went on a bicycling expedition and my daughter and mother-in-law went to a silver workshop to make jewellery. They all had an exciting day while I sat in bed, drank tea and worked a bit on my writing.

Tomorrow we are off again to visit the east side of the island: a bat cave temple, a salt factory, a traditional market, a famous palace and the Aga village which is home to the original Balinese people. Hopefully, we will have enough energy at the end of the day to make our way to Gelato Secrets (the best in town!).

Emilie's silver carving

Emilie’s silver creation


We had such a good time this morning, walking around George Town, trying to find the next mural. There are 18 murals and 52 wrought-iron caricatures around the island. Our focus (and fascination) was for the murals, and we would have ventured much further had it not been for our feet melting right into the asphalt.

A couple of years ago I went to Philadelphia for a conference, and with my colleague we booked a Mural Arts Tour. We would hop on the above ground metro and stop at various stations which offered great views of this trail of murals. Even in the most shady parts of town, the murals seem to be well preserved, a sure sign of pride.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Ottawa’s Byward Market could boast such art? Ottawa is already quite fortunate to have the National Gallery of Canada (as well as many great art dealers & galleries), and summer time in the Market certainly attracts its fair share of artists who demonstrate their talents in so many various ways on the sidewalks.

But don’t you think that having mural (and interactive) art from the Cathedral all the way to Mann Street at the south end of the main uOttawa campus would beautify our city? Ottawa may not necessarily be looking for more tourists, but who would say no to free public art and publicity for artists. Just my two cents.

Here’s a few more murals from around town:

Have a look through Flickr for all my mural pics.